Gooder on board the first Tesla model X in UK and news from Tesla Motors Director Georg Ell

Yesterday we took part at a Tesla Clubhouse event in London hosted by Tesla Motors Director for UK and Ireland Georg Ell; the invitation said: “Come and meet your local Tesla team, spend time with current and future owners, keep up to date with the very latest company news, and look forward to meeting an Xtra special guest” if you were as keen as we are in seeing first hand the model X you would have picked up on the hint!
But before rushing into the main attraction of the day…

gooder sees tesla model x in disguise

gooder sees tesla model x in disguise

some news as announced by Tesla Motors Director for UK and Ireland: Georg Ell, very briefly (he gave plenty more info but this is what we noted):

  • Tesla to launch “Destination Charging” programme: 150 destinations throughout Europe where Tesla Motors is providing wall chargers and the venues parking space and free electricity to Tesla users; these locations will also show up on the vehicles SatNav; Tesla recommends always calling the venue so to check on opening times and details, as some venues are not open to the wider public; follow this link to recommend you favourite venue.
  • in 2016 Tesla Motors will double capacity of Superchargers in UK (not the number of locations,the capacity), with top priority being Superchargers at South Mymms (there will be 12 points!!!), Brent Cross, etc…
  • Tesla Motors to increase number of service garages, body work garages, and speeding up the whole process of parts replacement and servicing.
  • Tesla is rolling out 4G to most vehicles.
  • Georg recommended the services provided by a London based start-up called Vallie : they pick-up your car and park it for you for very moderate tariffs, in case of Tesla and other evs they even charge them up! Whole night service available, fully insured, app available for android and apple, great flexibility as you chose drop-off and pick-up point.
  • Tesla Motors is making great improvements with the self driving features, for more info watch this TedX talk by Director of Autopilot Programs: Sterling Anderson

But let’s move on to the Tesla model X! Directly fro Geneva Motor Show (a left hand drive in truth…rather disappointedly), the fastest SUV on the planet: 0-62mph in 3″2! here we go:

geoge ell teslamotors about to unveil tesla model x

geoge ell teslamotors about to unveil tesla model x

blue tesla model x directly from geneva motor show

blue tesla model x directly from geneva motor show

tesla model x blue falcon wings open

tesla model x blue falcon wings open

blue tesla model x rear

blue tesla model x rear

gooder on board first tesla model x in uk

gooder on board first tesla model x in uk

Gooder’s verdict:

there is no doubt that model X is a fantastic car! We look forward to a test drive, which we were told should be possible by summer 2016.

The model we have seen is the 7 seater, it will also be available as 6 and 5 seater, but the 7 seater is probably the best option because the rear 2 seats can easily fold down and that leaves a huge boot; there are cup holders for the 2 rear seats but rather annoyingly still no arm rest or cup holders for the mid row; we checked the 6 seats configuration but this doesn’t mean that the mid row has 2 extra spacious seats or a nice armrest in the middle, instead it simply leaves an empty corridor for supposedly easy access to the rear row: we are far less than convinced by this choice. A welcome addition are the 2 usb ports for the mid row seats.

The front cup holders remain on the arm rests as per Model S, with an addition of bottle holders in the centre, that’s all.

A good advantage compared to the Tesla S is the fact that the platform is a fair amount higher and the mid row is a lot easier to access and leave.

The huge windscreen is simply awesome, jawdroppingly beautiful, and will allow plenty of light into the car, which together with the fact that all doors can open and close automatically should make happy the chauffeurs community.

On quality of details and material choice we are a bit more than perplexed: sorry Tesla, but European clients are used to very high quality standards and you are still not matching these.

We wonder if the efficiency and battery range won’t be affected heavily by the size of this car.

All in all: if it’s true that Tesla model X will be priced at 5k more than the Tesla model S it will be definitely be an interesting proposition!

Gooder report on Tesla Motors introducing Model 3… at last!

“why does Tesla exists, why are we making electric cars: to accelerate transition to sustainable transport: this is really important for the world.” These are the words that Elon Musk, Tesla Motors founder, said to open the Tesla Model 3 announcement last evening!

gooder tesla roadster model s x and 3

gooder tesla roadster model s x and 3

Tesla Master Plan: a 3 steps plan for a tiny company with very few resources to actually make a difference:

1-Tesla Roadster: it showed the world that you could make a compelling great electric car. 500 units a year. This led to Chevrolet to make the Bolt, and Nissan the Leaf.

2-Tesla Model S: seats up to 5 adults and 2 kids, ratified by Consumer Reports as the best car ever! Nobody believed that an electric car could achieve this.

2.5-Tesla Model X: because the revenue by model S and X is what is needed to fund the development of Model 3. The SUV with falcon wings doors and well over 700 horse power.

3-Tesla Model 3: an incredibly safe car! It will be 5 star safety in every category! Even the basic version will do 0-60 in less than 6″; with at least 215 miles of range; autopilot hardware as standard for all model 3; it seats 5 adults comfortably:we achieved this by pushing forward the front seats, as there is no motor,and having a full glass roof to give more headspace, and kept the usual front and rear booths; supercharging as standard, for freedom of travel; of which there are over 3600 superchargers worldwide, and will double by next year.

Elon Musk is confident in saying that deliveries will begin already next year and price will be 35k $.

A fair bit later in UK of course, due to the right hand drive, we may add.

Could this possibly mean 25k £ as price tag? At Gooder we certainly hope so.

So do you want to see it?!

gooder tesla model 3 headlight

gooder tesla model 3 handle

gooder tesla model 3 red with black wheels

gooder tesla model 3 grey silver red

gooder tesla model 3 red

gooder tesla model 3 silver front

gooder tesla model 3 grey with carbon wheels

Carbon wheels? This is surely the full accessories version.

gooder tesla model 3 different handles

We noticed the different handles.

gooder tesla model 3 detail carbon wheels

gooder tesla model 3 detail of the carbon wheels

By the time Tesla Model 3 had been seen by the public for the very first time the total number of pre-orders worldwide was over 115.000 units already!

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