Change: Why you fear it and why that holds businesses down

Change: why we fear it and why that holds businesses down

 Adapt and change to progress

It seems unquestionable, or maybe not, but companies must have the ability to adapt and change with times in order to progress within their markets. Without changes, we can’t improve as people and companies can’t reach their full potential. Experiencing change, however, is something that we’re deemed to hate, as humans. We resist change for a number of reasons which are now summarized by the fact that changing is difficult. It’s so difficult that many companies are too afraid of it and stagnate. In fact, in 2009, Steve Mckee published “When Growth Stalls”, in which he notes that 41.2% of nearly 5,700 companies he studied stalled in the previous decade. Amongst the number of reasons, the ones that stood out the most were a failure to focus, no competitive point of difference , and weak identities and brand images, to name a few.


Why businesses stagnate

Neurosciences and cognitive sciences explain the following.
Habits are powerful and efficient: Early lessons in life and business play a crucial role in creating mind maps that sort reality into well-established habits and perceptual order. In other words, your brain limits what it sees and reality is perceived according to your past experiences.
Your brain despises change: Your prefrontal cortex must work very hard when experimenting with unfamiliar ideas or when learning something new. In those situations, your brain uses approximately 25% of your energy. This is why you feel tired and your head hurts.
You should aim to experience and feel new things, not just read about them: As you learn new things your brain actually changes, reflecting new decisions, mind maps and reality sorting. Learning through experience is essential. As soon as you encounter a challenge, your brain will try to hijack new thought patterns.


First-hand experience

As people and as a business we can vouch for the above. In fact, we’ve come across many changes in the past six months that we’ve actually experienced first-hand. To start with, the most recognizable change is that our company is now operating in a different area. We have relocated from London to Stroud, or from the UK’s capital to a medium-sized town in the hearth of the Cotswolds. This change has affected us, both as individuals and as a business.


Gooder Ltd London

As people

We had to adapt to a new environment, which it ultimately came down to making of this new place our new beloved sweet home. Now, you may want to know how we’re doing so far and here’s what we’d like to share with you: Leaving well-known places, solid routines, but above all, friends and loved ones behind (to a certain extent, of course!) is not an easy task. There was no doubt that it would come with challenges. How are we coping with them? Well, the initial shock and sense of strangeness were overcome by the pleasure of meeting some great welcoming people and by the breathtaking landscape that surrounds us. This is what make us feel pleased to have embarked on this exciting adventure.


As a business

From a business perspective, we have excellent reasons to believe this new market is better suited to our company’s culture and identity. We have been in business since 2014 and throughout the years we have gained a deeper understanding of ourselves, as a company, and of our market as a whole. London is the city that witnessed our birth and first steps, which inspired us to be competitive and to always try our very best. Without London, we wouldn’t be where we are now so we are grateful to the city that sought us grow and shine. But London can be overwhelming for an independent business that’s trying to make a difference. The little fish in the big pond, only that, too often, the fish did not see itself as being that little, nor it saw the pond as big. It was more like wanting to test new waters.


The perfect place to be

We needed a scenario in which our front-stage superstars, namely Tesla cars and our chauffeurs, could get the visibility they deserved. While looking for new horizons, this area of outstanding natural beauty seemed like the perfect place to be. Here, our green car has found its green roads, and green clients (metaphorically speaking –  they are not aliens and our Tesla is not in Mars). We are, therefore, happy to welcome you to the Cotswolds and to Stroud.


Exec-Ev-Chauffeurs CotswoldsWelcome to the Cotswolds

Really a scenic countryside, which we are able to enjoy in its full splendor thanks to its villagers’ dedication to preserving this area, to their intimate connection with nature, and to the fact that they are willing to go the extra mile for the environment. In fact, town centres are also a reflection of its inhabitants’ lifestyle and personalities. Forget about big multinational corporations. In the Cotswolds, independent companies and family-run businesses are supported the most. So imagine the honey-stone architecture and gentle landscape, alongside organic farms and farm shops, vegan and vegetarian cafes, traditional picturesque pubs. The Cotswolds is home to stores and boutiques selling fair-trade products and a number of charity shops sustaining good causes by selling excellent second-hand clothes and homeware.


Welcome to Stroud

Stroud has its own green energy company and even a vegan football team! And if this isn’t enough, the Cotswolds is also home to celebrities such as Kate Moss, Hugh Grant, Lily Allen, and Kate Winslet, amongst many others. With this regard, Stroud claims more artists per capita than anywhere else in the country! What else could we look for when it comes to relocation? But as mentioned before, this is the most remarkable change that has occurred, but not the only one.


Today is our past, present and future

We have also taken into account our clients and collaborators’ feedback and decided to start operating in this area with a name which collocates better with our brand culture and identity. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to Exec-Ev-Chauffeurs. Changing name is something that has come up several times over the last few years, but we were resistant to it because Gooder meant so much to us (see initial blog “Is Gooder even an English word?”). It has significance to us, in particular when it comes to long-term goals – we won’t share these with you just yet, but we promise to keep you in the loop. This is why we’ve decided not to forget our initial name altogether. Our own way of honouring our past, while keeping an eye in the future. All of which is being done now, in the present.


Our values remain intact

Today, we have the chance to think about our business priorities, to evaluate our business practices and make the necessary changes in order to grow. This is also a moment to discuss about those things that should remain intact. Regarding this, we came to the conclusion that our decision of choosing quality over quantity has demonstrated to be essential for a small  company with a big vision and it’s something that we are not willing to compromise, ever. For instance, we are well aware of our own business capability and know that our clients receive an excellent service at all times.


Our strength lies on our reputation and client’s satisfaction

In other words, we know that at this stage, our independent business will have more clients by accepting less bookings. If you are unable to find the logic behind this reasoning, try and think for a minute of you and your client as a two-way relationship. Now, to be good and long-lasting, relationships need to be nourished at all times. To do so, attention, dedication, time and effort play a crucial role and we need to make sure that we invest them all in our clients. In return, customers satisfaction translates into loyalty and support. After all, it is because of these relationships that our business keeps on growing.


New opportunities

That being said, we are not suggesting that new opportunities cannot be taken, or that we will not accept any new client. It is just the opposite! We are striving to do so, but in a responsible way, so that it is beneficial for all our existing and potential clients and for us. Finally, both Exec-Ev-Chauffeurs and Gooder Ltd apologise for being quiet for a while. Our website and social media have undergone changes too, but we are back on track! Now you know it was all for a good reason: we were dealing with change, which consumed our energy, hurt our brains, but above all, made us dream, improve and progress.
Exec-Ev-Chauffeurs Logo

P.S: Tell us what you think about our relocation, name and website! We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Tesla Autopilot is amazing! That’s why Gooder chauffeurs avoid it!

Amazing : causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing. Very impressive; excellent.

We believe Tesla S is the safest car on the roads today, it has been awarded 5-star safety rating from both European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), not just overall, but in every subcategory without exception. Approximately one percent of all cars tested by the federal government achieve 5 stars across the board.

Tesla’s greatest strength is in avoiding the accidents! Yes autopilot is amazing, yet there are some misunderstandings about the term Autopilot and what it can and can’t do. In this post we want to clarify a few misconceptions!

Can it avoid side collisions on vehicles incoming from a blind spot? See for yourself how wonderfully the recently improved Autosteer works!

Can it avoid a collision by braking before an accident even happens? Watch this:

Version 8.0  included huge changes to how the object detection system works, using radar to help detect things that might not get picked up by the camera vision sensors on the vehicle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Autopilot will cut accidents by roughly 50% and the latest update provided safety improvements by a factor of three over the existing system. Tesla was able to develop these improvements all in-house in the absence of MobileEye using improved ‘smart radar’ technology and data collected through its fleet learning program. Contrary to speculation that Tesla might be considering the use of LIDAR technology, Musk reassured press that its radar hardware is becoming the primary tech for Autopilot as opposed to serve as a supplemental set of sensors to the vehicle’s onboard cameras.

So: Autopilot is a truly set of amazing features!

And is as simple to activate in a Tesla S as a flick of a switch.

Surely you have noticed that both Autosteer and Summon features are indicated as in BETA.

Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.

Should we put the safety of our customers in the hands of a BETA feature? Obviously not!

Do we feel safe in using it? We definitely do! And we are always happy to demonstrate it and make use of it whenever our passengers request it, often! But we never allow ourselves to get distracted or let go of the steering wheel!

In fact, the software is designed in such way that the driver can let go of the wheel for just a few seconds before the vehicle starts issuing warnings; if the driver ignores these, eventually the car will bring itself to a stop.

On the 19th of January 2017 the U.S. chief auto safety regulator essentially cleared Tesla Motors Inc.’s Autopilot system of fault in a fatal 2016 crash.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cleared Tesla Motors found that the owner of a Tesla Motors Inc. Model S sedan that drove itself into the side of a truck in May [2016] had ignored the manufacturer’s warnings to maintain control even while using the driver-assist function. The agency said it found no defect in the vehicle and wouldn’t issue a recall.

The finding concludes NHTSA’s first investigation into the role played by automated driving systems in a fatal crash. It was a win for not only for Tesla but for companies from General Motors Co. to Alphabet Inc.’s Google that have invested billions of dollars in what they see as the future of personal transportation. Safety regulators, too. have backed the nascent industry, giving it the flexibility to develop products that they think could greatly reduce highway deaths.

NHTSA didn’t completely absolve self-driving technologies. The agency drew several observations about the limits of automated driver-aids and the risks associated with how drivers use them.

So-called Level 2 automated driver systems like Tesla’s Autopilot, which provide automated driving functions in limited circumstances, continue to require a driver’s “full attention,” Thomas said. [Bloomberg]

That’s says it all: issues don’t arise from the automation, but from the drivers distractions.

Here plenty of reasons to say goodbye to distractions!

distraction is accidents autopilot tesla gooder

distraction is accidents autopilot tesla gooder

The Eno Center for Transportation, a think tank, notes that “driver error is believed to be the main reason behind over 90 percent of all crashes” with drunk driving, distracted drivers, failure to remain in one lane and falling to yield the right of way the main causes.

Because the majority of these accidents are caused by human error, self-driving cars could potentially reduce the rate of automobile-related deaths—and save the U.S. over $400 billion (2 percent of the U.S. GDP) in total annual costs of accidents.

“In theory, if you have 100 percent fully autonomous vehicles on the road,” Hagemann says, “while you still might have accidents on the margin in rare situations, you’re basically looking at anywhere from a 95 to 99.99 percent reduction in total fatalities and injuries on the road.” [Techtimes]

And this brings us to fully autonomous driverless cars.

As a matter of fact Tesla released last October a video of a fully autonomous Tesla model X and announced that from that moment on all of its electric cars will be built with the components required to turn them into fully autonomous vehicles at a later date: eight cameras, 12 ultrasonars and radar.

The technology for fully autonomous vehicles will take longer to mature than expected. The complexity of the task will turn out to be a huge challenge. The requirement for a human driver to be present will be with us for a long time.

Drivers will be – and feel – more in control, but the industry will have taken a small step back from fully autonomous driving.

Accidents like the Tesla crash, will continue to cause consternation, even while routine car crashes (1,732 reported road deaths in the UK in 2015) barely make the headlines.

In the longer term, even if they solve the technical challenges, self-driving cars will only take off if carmakers learn the lessons of the airline industry: when your customers aren’t in control, you have to keep them very safe indeed. [Nesta]

But the advantages brought to the world by autonomous cars are much greater than an easy ride.

The Benefits of Driverless Cars Tesla autopilot gooder



future of mobility in an autonomous world autopilot tesla gooder



Finally: we invite you to look ahead to a bright future and rest assured that your safety is in good hands with Gooder Tesla Chauffeurs.


Gooder on board the first Tesla model X in UK and news from Tesla Motors Director Georg Ell

Yesterday we took part at a Tesla Clubhouse event in London hosted by Tesla Motors Director for UK and Ireland Georg Ell; the invitation said: “Come and meet your local Tesla team, spend time with current and future owners, keep up to date with the very latest company news, and look forward to meeting an Xtra special guest” if you were as keen as we are in seeing first hand the model X you would have picked up on the hint!
But before rushing into the main attraction of the day…

gooder sees tesla model x in disguise

gooder sees tesla model x in disguise

some news as announced by Tesla Motors Director for UK and Ireland: Georg Ell, very briefly (he gave plenty more info but this is what we noted):

  • Tesla to launch “Destination Charging” programme: 150 destinations throughout Europe where Tesla Motors is providing wall chargers and the venues parking space and free electricity to Tesla users; these locations will also show up on the vehicles SatNav; Tesla recommends always calling the venue so to check on opening times and details, as some venues are not open to the wider public; follow this link to recommend you favourite venue.
  • in 2016 Tesla Motors will double capacity of Superchargers in UK (not the number of locations,the capacity), with top priority being Superchargers at South Mymms (there will be 12 points!!!), Brent Cross, etc…
  • Tesla Motors to increase number of service garages, body work garages, and speeding up the whole process of parts replacement and servicing.
  • Tesla is rolling out 4G to most vehicles.
  • Georg recommended the services provided by a London based start-up called Vallie : they pick-up your car and park it for you for very moderate tariffs, in case of Tesla and other evs they even charge them up! Whole night service available, fully insured, app available for android and apple, great flexibility as you chose drop-off and pick-up point.
  • Tesla Motors is making great improvements with the self driving features, for more info watch this TedX talk by Director of Autopilot Programs: Sterling Anderson

But let’s move on to the Tesla model X! Directly fro Geneva Motor Show (a left hand drive in truth…rather disappointedly), the fastest SUV on the planet: 0-62mph in 3″2! here we go:

geoge ell teslamotors about to unveil tesla model x

geoge ell teslamotors about to unveil tesla model x

blue tesla model x directly from geneva motor show

blue tesla model x directly from geneva motor show

tesla model x blue falcon wings open

tesla model x blue falcon wings open

blue tesla model x rear

blue tesla model x rear

gooder on board first tesla model x in uk

gooder on board first tesla model x in uk

Gooder’s verdict:

there is no doubt that model X is a fantastic car! We look forward to a test drive, which we were told should be possible by summer 2016.

The model we have seen is the 7 seater, it will also be available as 6 and 5 seater, but the 7 seater is probably the best option because the rear 2 seats can easily fold down and that leaves a huge boot; there are cup holders for the 2 rear seats but rather annoyingly still no arm rest or cup holders for the mid row; we checked the 6 seats configuration but this doesn’t mean that the mid row has 2 extra spacious seats or a nice armrest in the middle, instead it simply leaves an empty corridor for supposedly easy access to the rear row: we are far less than convinced by this choice. A welcome addition are the 2 usb ports for the mid row seats.

The front cup holders remain on the arm rests as per Model S, with an addition of bottle holders in the centre, that’s all.

A good advantage compared to the Tesla S is the fact that the platform is a fair amount higher and the mid row is a lot easier to access and leave.

The huge windscreen is simply awesome, jawdroppingly beautiful, and will allow plenty of light into the car, which together with the fact that all doors can open and close automatically should make happy the chauffeurs community.

On quality of details and material choice we are a bit more than perplexed: sorry Tesla, but European clients are used to very high quality standards and you are still not matching these.

We wonder if the efficiency and battery range won’t be affected heavily by the size of this car.

All in all: if it’s true that Tesla model X will be priced at 5k more than the Tesla model S it will be definitely be an interesting proposition!

Gooder report on Tesla Motors introducing Model 3… at last!

“why does Tesla exists, why are we making electric cars: to accelerate transition to sustainable transport: this is really important for the world.” These are the words that Elon Musk, Tesla Motors founder, said to open the Tesla Model 3 announcement last evening!

gooder tesla roadster model s x and 3

gooder tesla roadster model s x and 3

Tesla Master Plan: a 3 steps plan for a tiny company with very few resources to actually make a difference:

1-Tesla Roadster: it showed the world that you could make a compelling great electric car. 500 units a year. This led to Chevrolet to make the Bolt, and Nissan the Leaf.

2-Tesla Model S: seats up to 5 adults and 2 kids, ratified by Consumer Reports as the best car ever! Nobody believed that an electric car could achieve this.

2.5-Tesla Model X: because the revenue by model S and X is what is needed to fund the development of Model 3. The SUV with falcon wings doors and well over 700 horse power.

3-Tesla Model 3: an incredibly safe car! It will be 5 star safety in every category! Even the basic version will do 0-60 in less than 6″; with at least 215 miles of range; autopilot hardware as standard for all model 3; it seats 5 adults comfortably:we achieved this by pushing forward the front seats, as there is no motor,and having a full glass roof to give more headspace, and kept the usual front and rear booths; supercharging as standard, for freedom of travel; of which there are over 3600 superchargers worldwide, and will double by next year.

Elon Musk is confident in saying that deliveries will begin already next year and price will be 35k $.

A fair bit later in UK of course, due to the right hand drive, we may add.

Could this possibly mean 25k £ as price tag? At Gooder we certainly hope so.

So do you want to see it?!

gooder tesla model 3 headlight

gooder tesla model 3 handle

gooder tesla model 3 red with black wheels

gooder tesla model 3 grey silver red

gooder tesla model 3 red

gooder tesla model 3 silver front

gooder tesla model 3 grey with carbon wheels

Carbon wheels? This is surely the full accessories version.

gooder tesla model 3 different handles

We noticed the different handles.

gooder tesla model 3 detail carbon wheels

gooder tesla model 3 detail of the carbon wheels

By the time Tesla Model 3 had been seen by the public for the very first time the total number of pre-orders worldwide was over 115.000 units already!

Full day in our Tesla for Teenage Cancer Trust thanks to Phil’s charity gig

We are very proud to announce our very first charitable collaboration of 2016!
All you need to do is buy a 1£ raffle ticket at Phil’s gig on the 11th of April to win a full day out in our chauffeured Tesla model S!

Phil is a long time organiser at the historic 100 CLUB in Oxford Street, London, and has raised over 100K in the past 9 years!

Line up for the evening: Mag 7, The Randoms, Me Dad’s A Punk and Paper Fish!

All revenues from the raffle will be evolved to Teenage Cancer Trust! Did you know that 7 young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK? We didn’t, and we bet you didn’t either!

So what’s next? Easy:

insert date in your calendar!

purchase ticket!

Turn up! Have fun! Buy raffle tickets and cross your fingers!

Let Teenage Cancer Trust and Gooder do all the work! 😉

win a tesla at phil gig raffle 100 club front

win a tesla at phil gig raffle 100 club front

win a tesla at phil gig raffle 100 club rear

win a tesla at phil gig raffle 100 club rear

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Rugby’s greatest championship The Six Nations 2016 is on! Here at Gooder we bet all on Italy!

Rugby’s Greatest Championship is back for 2016!

6 nations 2016 all teams gooder supports Italy

6 nations 2016 all teams gooder supports Italy

Ireland is on a quest to win the trophy for the third time in a row, for the first time in the history of the championship!

And Italy will be content with not having to accept the wooden spoon !

The first game for this year has been France-Italy in Paris on the 6th of February where the Azzurri performed brilliantly but lost by just 2 points, 23-21; a last second drop goal by Parisse could have changed drastically the final score but unfortunately didn’t go in. An outstanding performance nevertheless.

gooder bets on italy at 6 nations 2016 defeat against france

gooder bets on italy at 6 nations 2016 defeat against france

In the same week-end England won 15-9 against Scotland at Murrayfield in a fairly balanced match, while Ireland drew 16-16 against Wales at home, after leading for most of the game yet going down by 3 points at the 72 minute of the game: a close call!

Obviously here at Gooder we support the Azzurri team, the underdog team of the tournament, who is becoming the terror of the more established teams especially when playing in Roma Stadio Olimpico: it seems that we have a Valentine’s date with England in Rome!

So what’s next?

Here is the link to all fixtures of the championship, and at this page you can find instructions on how to add them all to any kind of calendar; yet we recommend downloading the 6 Nations app.

So if you are lucky enough to hold a ticket for any of this year games why not getting there in the comfort of one of our Tesla model S? London to Cardiff is just 3 hours drive and it can all be done with a single full charge! no other electric car in the world can do this, that’s why we love our Teslas! Driving to Twickenham in style is an obvious choice!

Use code RGB6 when you contact us for your trip and we’ll discount you 10% on the fare.

Cardiff Principality Stadium:

13th of February : Wales – Scotland

26th of February: Wales – France

19th of March: Wales – Italy

London Twickenham Stadium:

27th of February  : England – Ireland

12th of March : England – Wales

gooder Tesla s at twickenham stadium

gooder Tesla s at twickenham stadium



London bike show 2016

It’s that time of the year again: the London Bike Show will be coming to Excel London from 11 to 14 February 2016!


With the entrance ticket to the Bike Show this year you will have access also to 3 other incredibly fascinating shows:

The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show, Triathlon Show London and the London International Dive Show!

Entry tickets for adult start at 14£ when purchased in advance, and 20£ if purchased at the door.

The attractions are plenty and of great variety:

Technology focused areas such as BikeRadar Innovation Lab and competition tracks such as Radon Bikes Pump and City Velodrome, Air to the Throne and Extreme Action Sports Tour the most spectacular; then climbing Superbloc Bouldering Championship, Wild Britain Bushcraft and Survival; a Drop-in Sport and Wellness Clinic, Scuba Pool and Photografic Exhibitions!

There really is something suited to all tastes!

In line with your sustainable and green ideology: travel to the Excel London by public transports, or book a Tesla S with Gooder, use discount code LBS2016 for a -10%!

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Gooder goes Carbon Neutral!

Ever since we started talking about funding Gooder Ltd 2 have been the fundamentals that seemed obvious to us: to be driving only fully electric cars, and to be carbon neutral.
For this reason we signed up right away to Ecotricity as provider of electricity and gas for our office; Ecotricity is a not-for-dividend company, is the greenest provider in Britain, and they also built and manage the Electric Highway, a vast network of electric car chargers along UK motorways, and in all IKEA ev charger stores parkings.
Unfortunately the chargers with Type 2 connector are rather slow (up to 40 miles per hour or thereabout) while the fast chargers have a Chademo connector; Tesla has started selling recently a Chademo-to-Type2 adaptor but we don’t own one yet; for this reason we rely mostly on Tesla Superchargers which draw energy from the regular grid.
A little clarification: Ecotricity chargers also draw energy from the regular grid, the difference is that they counterbalance this by inputting into the grid the same amount of energy from renewable sources.
So on 28th of December 2015 we celebrated our first year of operations, with a total amount of 51.687 miles driven. The Official conversion factor for grid electricity is 0.46219, hence the CO2 to offset for our year 2015 totals to about 8 Tons of CO2.
We approached Carbon Footprint to offset our emissions and we financed the planting of 8 trees in London & Thames through them, so we can celebrate our achievement of being Fully carbon Neutral!
And here is our offsetting certificate.

gooder carbon footprint offset certificate

gooder carbon footprint offset certificate

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