January 24, 2016 exec-ev-chauffeurs

Gooder goes Carbon Neutral!

Ever since we started talking about funding Gooder Ltd 2 have been the fundamentals that seemed obvious to us: to be driving only fully electric cars, and to be carbon neutral.
For this reason we signed up right away to Ecotricity as provider of electricity and gas for our office; Ecotricity is a not-for-dividend company, is the greenest provider in Britain, and they also built and manage the Electric Highway, a vast network of electric car chargers along UK motorways, and in all IKEA ev charger stores parkings.
Unfortunately the chargers with Type 2 connector are rather slow (up to 40 miles per hour or thereabout) while the fast chargers have a Chademo connector; Tesla has started selling recently a Chademo-to-Type2 adaptor but we don’t own one yet; for this reason we rely mostly on Tesla Superchargers which draw energy from the regular grid.
A little clarification: Ecotricity chargers also draw energy from the regular grid, the difference is that they counterbalance this by inputting into the grid the same amount of energy from renewable sources.
So on 28th of December 2015 we celebrated our first year of operations, with a total amount of 51.687 miles driven. The Official conversion factor for grid electricity is 0.46219, hence the CO2 to offset for our year 2015 totals to about 8 Tons of CO2.
We approached Carbon Footprint to offset our emissions and we financed the planting of 8 trees in London & Thames through them, so we can celebrate our achievement of being Fully carbon Neutral!
And here is our offsetting certificate.

gooder carbon footprint offset certificate

gooder carbon footprint offset certificate

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