January 20, 2016 exec-ev-chauffeurs

Is Gooder even an english word?

Where does the name Gooder come from? We wish we could claim to have come up with it ourselves, but we have actually been inspired back in 2014 by Simon Anholt’s talk on TED.

His brief bio goes like this:
Simon Anholt helps national, regional and city governments earn better reputations—not by launching advertising or PR campaigns, but by changing the way they behave.
He has dreamed up an unusual scale to set governments thinking outwardly: The Good Country Index, which defines the Country that does the most good, effectively the one being a Gooder Country! You will surely be surprised by the country that comes on top!
So that’s our aim with Gooder Ltd: being good! To run a profitable business without ever going against our moral values, and making a proactive effort to do some good; we only drive electric cars, we commit to be fully carbon neutral, and to spare time and energies with charity groups.
It’s still all a work in progress, unfortunately we haven’t found yet a way to collaborate with charities (suggestions are welcome!) but 1 year since funding our company we can proudly say that we are sticking to our fundamentals!
So book a ride with us, help us do some good, help us being Gooder!

Now:enjoy Simon’s talk!

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